headshot of maya keren
photo by Isabel Crespo Pardo
Maya Keren is a songwriter and improviser from Philly living in Brooklyn. They play piano, guitar, and sing. They are inspired creatively by the question: what does it feel like to live a spiritually nourishing life, by one’s self and with others?

Maya has found answers along the way: at the Creative Music Program as a teen in Philly, at the Banff Workshop for Jazz & Creative Music, through collectives like Mutual Mentorship for Musicians and the Ida B. Wells JUST Data Lab. Mostly through friends and collaborators, as well as teachers, students, and ancestors: John Moran, Julian Miltenberger, Akiva Jacobs, Jeffrey Gordon, Maya Rabinowitz, Eliza Salem, Anna Abondolo, Emmanuel Michael, Eden Girma, Lesley Mok, Isabel Crespo Pardo, Miranda Agnew, Julien Chang, Maya Stepansky, Claire Dickson, Camila Ortiz, Sky Hill, Rahul Carlberg, Caroline Davis, Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Maria Grand, Sumi Tonooka, Kris Davis, and Angelica Sanchez (to name a few!)

Maya graduated from Princeton University in 2022 majoring in Music and minoring in African American Studies. In April of 2023 they released their debut solo album, Blebba Grows. Currently Maya is writing songs, loops, and words for their band Careful In The Sun.

say hello! mayapkeren@gmail.com