vertical shot of maya putting up the structure
vertical shot of maya putting up the structure
vertical shot of maya putting up the structure
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for my senior thesis work I built a mobile exhibit dedicated to the long lineage of radical environers. I hosted events within/around the space, including a Quaker meeting, a Butch Morris-style conduction, and a musical celebration.
horizontal shot of structure details: inspirational figures photos by Eden Girma, featuring Abu, Azia, Lila, and Maya R
horizontal shot of Maya, Abu, Azia, Lila, and Maya R in the structure


shot of conduction in action, participants seated in half circle while maya conducts Joyce, Maya, Thalia, Zora, Chaya, Raya, Dani, Kyle, Cammie, Emmanuel, Jeff, Brittani, and Dan (photo by Eden, not pictured!)
last year my friend Akiva Jacobs and I led weekly conduction sessions at 2d, Princeton’s vegetarian coop. we wanted to create a no-barrier-to-entry music-making space for experienced improvisors and interested friends alike.

“With music I wanted to take a picture of the moment. How could I write music today, take it five thousand miles away, and not only make it reflect what I wrote, but also make it relevant to the environment it would be performed in? To my mind, neither notation, nor improvisation alone could manage that.”


“To call Conduction an experiment is a grave error. Any time you synchronize the spirit and still give it liberty, you open many doors to the primus, where the intimate necessity of possibility reigns, where we find and realize our individual and collective freedoms.”

Butch Morris, The Art of Conduction Workbook


sketch of network of collaborators in past, present, and futures
Toni Cade Bambara quote: 'the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible'
pic of eli berman and maya working on xibuccal project Eli Berman's Xibuccal Thesis
maya performing on stage with diana and camila Banff with Diana and Camila
maya amongst many on a zoom call Mutual Mentorship for Musicians
Lesley taking a selfie while eating at a table with Maya and Akiva Trio Meal with Lesley and Akiva
collection of books that maya recommends / has read
photo of an annotated page of a book Nicole Mitchell, What Was Feared Lost

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